Big Year For SCITECH Institute

By Nonprofit Marketing ArizonaJuly 15, 2019

This past year, SciTech Institute has been on quite a journey.

In May of 2018, the team took small steps on the official path to a new name. 
While, the Arizona Technology Council Foundation remains the official entity that ties together local STEM-based initiatives, the organization needed to rebrand to connect the global network. Thanks to Resound Creative for facilitating and supporting the process of conversations to create a name that would allow the individual programs to shine. SciTech Institute appreciates the entire MAC6 community for allowing us to grow in the collaborative workspace during the entire process.

The journey to a new brand was long and not always easy as countless names, themes, values and color schemes were considered. Throughout the process, we did not forget the history of the organization and we kept the aspects that connect SciTech Institute with the Arizona Technology Council, especially as Arizona’s foremost tech networking organization. As a team, we dove deep into the past to establish a mission and vision to make a larger impact than ever before in our ecosystem.

Taking our devout passion to prepare the next generation for the 21st century combined with the core values, we were able to create the organization to capture everything that we and our network believes makes us uniquely positioned to impact the future of work, not only in Arizona but worldwide. Our growth has in our initiatives, including Chief Science Officers Program which has 6th -12th grade students all across the United States and internationally including Kuwait, Mexico and Kenya, has played a major role in the future of the organization.

Imagine building tomorrow’s global leaders by empowering individuals today. We are asking students to work directly with industry and community leaders to envision the future workforce and address the lack of qualified employees. Our network is focused on leveraging a two-way communication pipeline for sharing knowledge and engaging others. Imagine the results of millions of people around the world collaboratively addressing some of society’s toughest challenges. Our tremendous growth over the past two years has helped spur the birth of the SciTech Institute. We continue to create and build the organization to connect all things STEM in Arizona and beyond.

SciTech Institute believes everyone should be able to explore the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. As the age of rapid innovation continues to evolve, communities must encourage creative discovery within these fields and we are here to support every #STEMjourney2019. Join us! We have supported the community through the Arizona SciTech Festival for 8 years and would love to connect again as we plan the 9th annual conference in September. Are you interested in planning a session? Submit your session proposals for the conference - Click here!