Diane & Bruce Halle Foundation Awards Save the Family Grant for Core Services

By Nonprofit Marketing ArizonaJanuary 30, 2018

Save the Family has received a generous grant from the Diane & Bruce Halle Foundation to support core operating services including housing programs, fundraising, administration and operating reserves.

The mission of the Diane & Bruce Halle Foundation is to strengthen the daily opportunities and lifelong outcomes for the people and communities of the State of Arizona.

 “One of the core beliefs of the Diane & Bruce Halle Foundation is to seek long-term cures rather than short-term palliatives, a concept that has driven our every action at Save the Family since we opened our doors,” said Save the Family CEO Jacki Taylor.  “We are so grateful for this incredibly generous grant that will enable us to continue helping formerly homeless families get on a path to self-sufficiency and independence that is so important to them, to us and to the community.”

Save the Family recognizes that families need more than safe housing to conquer homelessness and offers a variety of programs to help them develop skills and confidence to lead productive, self-sufficient lives.  Save the Family offers programs for adults, youth and children.

For more information about the Diane & Bruce Halle Foundation, go to www.dianeandbrucehallefoundation.org.  For more information about Save the Family or to make a donation, go to www.savethefamily.org.