Executive Breakfast: 5 Things Tech CEO's Can Expect From Marketing

By Nonprofit Marketing ArizonaNovember 14, 2017

If it seems that there is a lack of trust or understanding between the marketing group and the CEO in your organization, you are not alone. An estimated 80% of CEO’s don’t trust the work done by marketing, while 91% of CEO’s trust CFO’s and CIO’s. And to further complicate issues, 75% of CEO’s think marketers don’t understand what is meant by “ROI” or “performance”. 

JOIN the Arizona Technology Council and Yeager Marketing at The Newton on Tuesday, December 5 for an executive breakfast exclusively for senior marketing and tech organization leaders.

In this 60-minute presentation you will learn answers to the questions that both marketing and tech leaders are struggling with, including:

  • Determining what marketing initiatives will be most impactful for your organization
  • What new skills are going to be critical for the marketing group to master
  • Metrics that tech leaders and the marketing group should pay attention to
  • How to ensure complete alignment between executive leaders and marketing

For more information about the event and to register, please click here!