Huntington University Students Create an Outstanding Video for the Scott-Foundation

By Nonprofit Marketing ArizonaAugust 7, 2017

Founder of the Scott-Foundation, Colleen Walski received a gift that were never in her wildest dreams and budget...a beautiful video story about the foster teens she supports - created by the students of a new university in the area for free.

Huntington University just completed its first year of operation at their Peoria location.  The Arizona Center for Digital Media Arts offers academic programs in animation, broadcast media, film production and graphic design with an emphasis of hands on learning from the outset of the student experience. 

"Huntington is also a non-profit Christ-centered university which compels us to be community contributors.  Those elements led our faculty to design student projects for the classroom that would benefit non-profit organizations in the community, noted Jeff Berggren, Director of AZ Operations. 

Which is how the conversation with Colleen Walski from The Scott Foundation came about that ultimately led to the video project being completed by two Huntington Students for her organization.

Colleen met both Jeff Berggren, Huntington’s director of Arizona operations, and Jamie Sanfilippo, Huntington’s coordinator of student services, at an internship awareness event sponsored by the Glendale Chamber of Commerce.  The conversation quickly turned to the need on the part of the Scott Foundation for a short promotional video to share their passion with a wider audience and the desire of Huntington to provide their students with the opportunity to not only refine their story telling skills but to tell stories that really matter.  A follow-up visit to Huntington’s Center for Digital Media Arts location was the next thing for The Scott Foundation and then it was just a matter of waiting for a few weeks until the film editing class was ready to tackle their non-profit project.  In late March Colleen was paired with two students, Jacob Moncayo and Kameron Striplin, who viewed her as their client and the process of developing the video content was underway with the final version of the video completed in early May.

Colleen stated, "The project was unfolded with other works by the students at the Peoria Arts Center like a movie premiere in front of quite a few people. All I could do was beam and cry with pride. Those young people mastered the subject of issues these young people have and face.  

We are a nonprofit in tremendous need for funds to help our 36 foster teens prepare themselves for life outside the system and a project like this would never been in our plans. I'm positive it will have a significant impact on telling our story. I will be forever grateful."

In all the Huntington University editing class produced 10 videos for 10 Arizona-based non-profit organizations including the West Valley Crisis Care Center (Foster Care), Teen Challenge (Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation), (Children’s Charity – Dream Rides), Utu Humanitarian Alliance (Overseas Medical Assistance), The Peoria Chamber of Commerce and others.


Quote from Kameron Striplin, Huntington University Student and Film Production major from Yuma AZ
"It was an amazing experience doing this project and quickly realizing that I was doing something important so early in my schooling. From the time we started recording, I knew it would be a project I could dedicate quite a lot of care to. Working hard to put a spotlight on such a worthwhile cause is one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. Normally when editing a piece that involves an interview, it takes some effort to put together an engaging story - but we were already telling something amazing and important. Creating the video was seamless because of the fantastic people at the Scott Foundation.  This opportunity gave me the experience necessary to do similar work in the future."


Jacob Moncayo Huntington University Student Film Production major from Peoria AZ
"Working with the Scott Foundation was a blessing. Hearing the stories from the kids was extremely humbling and just shows that they have so much to offer. Being able to film the young ladies (Sarahann and Autumn) was an experience I will never forget. They were so happy and positive and that really gives you a perspective on life, especially after everything they have been through. The whole Scott Foundation family deserves to be heard and I am glad that I had the opportunity to do that in a small way"


GHAZ would like to congratulate the Huntington University faculty and students in creating this program to support and impact a nonprofit. Welcome to Arizona.