Interview With Hotchy Kiene From Phoenix New Times

By Nonprofit Marketing ArizonaOctober 10, 2017

1. What are the 3 things boards should do to help set the direction of the nonprofit?

  • Create a clear and easy to understand mission statement 
  • Clearly define what role each board member will have in regards to new recruits or dollar amounts
  • Understand that the world changes fast and be prepared to adjust plans at any time

2. Most boards miss the opportunities to share their story and reach out to millennials.  Why? And What should they do?
Millennials are not just looking to give, they are looking for experiences. They want to grow themselves and they are looking to help all the time. Boards need to create levels of involvement with clearly laid out rewards and potential experiences. Also, they need to bring Millennials into the fold of the board. Without them the Non-profit will not survive.
3. Marketing seems to be an after thought by nonprofits-what should they being doing?
Non-profits need to realize that this is a world dominated by hundreds of ways to see advertising messages. A spread out plan over many different forms of media is always better than depending on one thing. Marketing is not just press releases, Non-Profits have to be prepared to spend money to find new donors. Marketing and advertising is the best way for Non-Profits to fill their donor well early and avoid the risk of dwindling donations.
4. Does social media really impact nonprofits. What are your suggestions?
Yes, but just having a facebook account and buying some facebook ads is not going to work. The non-profit needs to be constantly active on all social media platforms posting informational and shareable things like videos on pictures. Also, Facebook Events are the least efficient way of tracking interest in an event ever. Typically less than 20% of people that say they are coming to your event on Facebook actually show up. You have to engage interest beyond the event invite.
5. You are a believer in analytics - suggestions to consider?
Learn how to use Google Analytics and Google my business. Understanding Analytics and insights on GMB is a great way to increase your visibility. Also, learn what a UTM is  and use them to track EVERYTHING you do. That way you can best optimize your time.
6. Best clever idea done by a local nonprofit?
It is not a single idea but moving away from the "ball/fancy" structure of events and into experiential fun events is problably the best thing any local nonprofit can do. You save thousands of dollars in costs and people are more apt to spend money on a fun festival than the Heart Ball. Granted events like the Heart Ball bring in $ but you can have a hell of a lot more fun with events like Taco Fest or Kansas City's Big Slick Celebrity Weekend benefiting Children's Mercy Hospital.

About Hotchy Kiene:
Hotchy Kiene has worked for the Phoenix New Times as an Account Executive for 14 years and in tune with the Phoenix nonprofit scene like no other. Originally from Kansas City, MO (big Chiefs and Royals fan) he has connections through school and family to The Jersey Shore, Connecticut, New York and Chicago. He is currently the Vice President of the Peter G. & Elizabeth Torosian foundation, a small family foundation based out of Kansas City and focusing on the Arts and Children's charities. Mr. Kiene sits on the board of the Great Arizona Puppet theater where he has served as President for 4 years. He is also a steward for Taliesin West. He is a graduate of Arizona State University.