Marketing Trends in 2020

By Nonprofit Marketing ArizonaJanuary 7, 2020
In no order of importance we have complied a list of trends we have noticed in all the local and national activities to help nonprofit brands extend their reach and increase donations.

1) Texting done right can pay off 
-Texting as a tool is being used more and more for getting out specific messages about programs and events. However, it is important to note that sending too many texts especially asking for money can be considered spam. You do not want to over do it and upset donors. Make sure you have a strategy and test it.

2) Your board should be more engaged with your social media programs
-Board members engaging with their NPO via social media is vital. Chances are high they have friends, family, coworkers, etc who will want to support what they're supporting as ambassadors. Getting them to retweet or share you Facebook posts will both inform them of timely activities that are going on and extend your reach.

3) Tell your story and impact on individuals consistently 
-Telling your nonprofits story and the reason you are so passionate about their mission is always an important way to convince donors to support you. The impact you are making on individuals will resonate with others but you have to make sure you're speaking consistently about it.

4) The "professional" looking videos are not always vital 
-People want content. They aren't looking for a Hollywood film quality on Facebook or for nonprofits. They want to see what is happening, how the NPO is making a difference and where their money is going. A video shot on a cell phone is just as good, if not better for social media.

5) Co-brand with major donors and other nonprofits 
-Cobranding with major donors is important because it gives your nonprofit creditability and it's a pride factor for them. If a major donor is spending their dollars with you, it's because they believe in what your NPO is doing. Create lasting relationships with your donors by making sure they share the story with their employees and the community and clients they serve.

6) Use different marketing tactics on your donors and audience age groups 
-One size does not fit all in this case. If feasible you may want to tailor your message to specific donors using different tactics. They want to have an affinity to your organization, it's your job to create that message for them. We know different age groups are on different social platforms. Older donors prefer letters, newsletters and print pieces. Email still works for some...know your donors habits. Survey them!

7) If your board is not diverse. Change it. 
-Having a diverse board (race, gender and job responsibilities) can create meaningful discussions on where to go in the future, impact budgets, cultivate ideas for different marketing tactics and ultimately show your donors the culture of your NPO is encompassing of all backgrounds and organizations.

8) Don't rely on the year end tax program 
-We are lucky Arizona has this program. But the end of the year tax credit isn't going to the your NPO's savior. Make sure you are pushing donations all year around. Most importantly, use your donation push based on current events. All NPO's will be fighting for donations during the end of the year, make sure you are setting yourself apart before that.

9) Nonprofits not making ends meet and doing same thing are merging.
-If your nonprofit isn't succeeding year after year, it might be time to consider a merge. By merging with another NPO that has the same mission as you, might create the success you've been looking for. A merger does not equal failure.

Lastly a warning to donors - don't be sold on nonprofits that don't have boards, poor financial records, are changing direction or mission creep to attract the next dollar, and/or too much of the funding is being used by the director to stay personally afloat.

Written by Maag Commplus CEO and NMAZ Editor, Al Maag