ON Semiconductor Partners with A14ALL and ASU Funding Scholarships for AI Cam

By Nonprofit Marketing ArizonaJuly 15, 2019

ON Semiconductor believes in investing in future generations through STEM. Through the company’s Global Corporate Giving Program and various STEM initiatives, ON Semiconductor most recently funded $25,000 for 18 full-ride scholarships for high school students to attend a three-week artificial intelligence (AI) focused camp hosted by AI4ALL on Arizona State University’s campus. A14ALL hosts these camps across the country collaborating with universities like Stanford, Princeton, Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, and Arizona State.

AI4ALL is a nonprofit that strives to cultivate a diverse group of future leaders within the AI industry as well as promote a humanistic, responsible and holistic view of the AI field. The curriculum is focused on providing students with hands-on experience in computer science, AI and to prepare them for a future in technology.

On Monday, July 8, ON Semiconductor had a group of over 25 students come to visit our corporate headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona and hear from Kris Pugsley, director of global communications. Students were struck with curiosity as she explained how the technologies seen today are enabled through the semiconductor industry and how AI will transform the way many markets, such as autonomous vehicles, robotics, and smart homes, operate and analyze data. Many were fascinated to learn how crucial the semiconductor industry is and how it powers the technology of today and of the future. Students were actively engaged and asked many questions that showed deep interest in learning more about ON Semiconductor and how the company will pave the road of tomorrow.

The students spent the rest of the day on-site learning from engineers, touring the facility and being encouraged to pursue a future within the technology industry. ON Semiconductor hopes that they were able to inspire a future generation of leaders and looks forward to contributing to future growth and development of the next generation through STEM education.