We Need Your Help Now

By Nonprofit Marketing ArizonaMarch 17, 2019
Contact Senator Mesnard now and ask him to hear HB2359 on the charitable deduction

 Thank you for all of your efforts so far regarding support for HB 2359, the bill that moves the charitable deduction "above the line".   

Unfortunately, we have hit a snag and need your help again.  Senator Mesnard, chair of the Senate Finance Committee, is inclined NOT to hear HB 2359. While he fully supports the nonprofit community, he does not feel that HB 2359 will help mitigate the $273 million impact enough.

If he does not put HB 2359 on his agenda, the bill will be dead.
Please help us by writing and/or calling him and asking him to hear HB 2359.  

Senator Mesnard's email address is jmesnard@azleg.gov.  Please write him and ask him to put HB 2359 on his Senate Finance Committee agenda.  Let him know if your nonprofit is currently experiencing a loss in giving.  If you are in his district or provide services in his district, please let him know.  You can find a map of his district here
Instead of emailing, you can also call his office at (602) 926-4481.  Let his assistant know you are calling to request that he place HB 2359 on his Senate Finance agenda. 
According to a recently released study by ASU Seidman Institute, the nonprofit sector in Arizona is estimated to lose $273 million and cause us to lose 10,000 jobs - in one year. 

Contact Senator Mesnard today to help us keep our bill moving forward!

For more information please visit https://arizonanonprofits.site-ym.com/default.aspx​