Katelyn Preston

Katelyn Preston Marketing Manager New Angle Media

Katelyn is a Marketing Manager with New Angle Media in Phoenix, AZ. She specializes in social media, copywriting and editing, and digital marketing.

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  • <span class=headline>Best Blogging Advice for Nonprofits</span>

    Best Blogging Advice for Nonprofits

    Blog writing is a powerful tool that can be used to raise awareness of your organization. Giving your nonprofit a voice outside of a traditional “about us” page on your website, a blog gives you the freedom to discuss ideas, news, events and more.

  • 10 Steps to Creating a Great Nonprofit Blog

    10 Steps to Creating a Great Nonprofit Blog

    Blogging can help your nonprofit share information and stories in a more conversational tone, giving your audience a glimpse at your organization and its people. Learn how to start a nonprofit blog using these 10 simple tips!

  • LinkedIn Basics For Nonprofits

    LinkedIn Basics For Nonprofits

    Facebook is personal. Instagram is visual. Snapchat has a time limit. Twitter is news. And LinkedIn, well, LinkedIn is its own animal. Learn how you can use LinkedIn to benefit your nonprofit organization using these simple steps.

  • Using Instagram for Picture-Perfect Photo Sharing

    Using Instagram for Picture-Perfect Photo Sharing

    Does your organization take a lot of photos? If not, you should be; visuals have been proven to increase engagement and are, of course, pleasing to the eye. As a nonprofit, visuals can help you to share your story, and Instagram is where it's at!

  • How to Use Twitter Effectively

    How to Use Twitter Effectively

    Consider the amount of information your brain processes each day. Then, ask yourself how much of it was accessed through a browser window or mobile app. Let that sink in for just a minute…